About Me

Hi, I’m Lana and you’ve just arrived at Mundane, the place for wannabe adults.

First off, a quick question: How’re you doing today?

A little “bleh”? Or maybe you’re having the best day ever? 

Whatever it is, I’m glad you’re here.

And here’s a little something about me:

I’m a twenty-something-year-old girl from Croatia who wants to know how to be a functioning adult.

And, about three years ago, the idea of starting a personal growth blog popped into my head. 


Let me ask you, do you sometimes feel like your life’s on pause? Like you have no idea what’s going on?

One October afternoon in 2018, I accidentally wandered into a lecture that would change my life. This great girl, who is a blogger, and entrepreneur, told us we can make anything happen. 

How could she be so confident? She seemed like someone who had her entire life figured out. 

That same night I sat down on my bed, telling myself:

Okay. You’re now 23. You’re graduating in two years. What do you want to do with your life?

I had no freaking idea. I had the big picture, but the details were loose.

To stop overanalyzing every decision I’d made up to that point in my life, I remembered one question I had scribbled down during that lecture:

If I could choose one thing to do for the rest of my life, just one, even if it never works, even if I fail miserably, what would it be?

Writing, coming up with ideas about the universe, finding answers to tough questions. Short answer, writing.

And I believed everything else would eventually fall into place.

The journey of figuring stuff out 

This blog is a result of me trying to figure stuff out.  

Along with the journey, I’ve rediscovered my passion for psychology, philosophy, and books. Growing up, we forget to do things that make us happy.  

But I’ve also found some new interests like content marketing and blogging. I’ve learned a lot about myself, other people, and the world. 

Those lessons were the tickets to the mundane world of adults. Bills, stress, back pain. So exciting, right? 

Honestly, I was terrified of becoming an adult 

And I still am. Entering adulthood is a very confusing time for all of us. We feel lost, out of place, anxious about the future.  

We don’t really understand how the real world works. We need roadmaps to discover how we want our lives to look like. 

I hope this blog is a place where you get to know yourself better. You’re still a work in progress. That’s the beautiful thing about life. We can always learn something new.  

I’ll do my best to help you find answers to questions like: 

  • Who you are and what you want from life? 
  • Why our society is the way it is? 
  • Why we are even here in the first place? 

Join me on this quest. Let’s get our shit together. And do all the mundane things adults do, I guess. 


*Disclaimer: The content on this blog sometimes deals with mental health. I’m not a licensed therapist so please don’t take my opinion as expert advice. For all questions regarding mental health, contact professionals in your area.