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cherry blossom

The Uncharted Journey of Coming Home to Yourself, Part I

My favorite season is here. Favorite season for a reason. 🙂 Cherry blossoms, warm sunshine, past 7 p.m. sunsets. It all screams rebirth, rediscovery, reinvention. Coming home to yourself kind of vibe, right? I’m writing this sitting in my car, on a slow Saturday morning, steam from my hot tea making tiny shapes in the…

girl with horse

Trust the Process. What Does That Even Mean, Man?

Hey. I’m here. I’m alive. Yep. And the world is still one big dumpster fire.  Be as it may, you got to have faith that things are going to work out, AKA trust the process.    So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last six months. Trusting the process. Or trying to.   But what…

beautiful poetry quotes

Most Beautiful Poetry Ever Written, Part 1

I found the first proper book I ever owned. It’s a poetry collection, and I got it from my dad when I was 6 (or 7). I immediately felt the desire to bury myself in my favorite verses. So, I opened up the messiest folder on my laptop. And the few days I’ve spent ruffling…

emotional burnout

What to Do When You’re Emotionally Burned Out?

I’ve sort of been all over the place for the past few weeks. Though it pains me to admit, sometimes I’m terrible at managing stress. And even worse at self-care while managing stress. My ego would tell you otherwise, but I’ve reached the uncomfortable point of emotional exhaustion. In fact, I was convinced that I knew myself…

wandavision review grief

WandaVision: The Unapologetic Portrayal of Wanda Maximoff’s Grief

If there’s one thing I get invested in, it’s something MCU-related. “Infinity War” was tough. And “Endgame”, well, I bawled like a baby. Yes, they’re all superhero movies with a bunch of superhero cliches. But building strong arcs is something Marvel does very well. Like, have you forgotten Tony Stark’s character development? “WandaVision” has opened…

taylor swift evermore review

Your Sweet Tiny Guide to Taylor Swift’s ‘evermore’

Where would I be in these awful times without some Taylor Swift tunes? ‘Folklore’ has left me spellbound. Its sequel ‘evermore’ is no exception.   Is it reflective? Yes.  Is it poetic and mystical? Yes, and yes.  Is it filled with symbols, references, and Easter eggs? Yes, yes, and yes.  Does it give you the I wanna rip my guts out feeling? Totally.  …

taylor swift folklore review

Your Cute Little Guide to Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’

I’m a sucker for Taylor Swift. Her writing, specifically. But I’ve never been an avid Swiftie. That is, until her 2020 ‘folklore’ album caught me off guard. It was everything I never expected from Taylor Swift. It was everything my indie folk-soul was craving. And I knew I had to dissect every single track. Look…

2020 reflection

How to Figure out What 2020 Has Meant for You

Let’s get one thing out of the way: 2020, you’ve been terrible and you should leave. We’re ready to say goodbye to a year of pandemic, racial injustice, bushfires, tragic passings. More so, we can’t wait to make new planes for 2021. As much as I’d like to pretend this year never happened and think…

christmas at home 2020

Christmas Holidays at Home: 5 Ways to Make It More Enjoyable

Most of us have been spending this December in lockdown, away from family and friends. This year’s holidays will differ from our usual Christmas experience in many ways. Even if social distancing is forcing us to stay at home, keeping the holiday spirit alive makes the whole situation a little more bearable. The next five…