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cherry blossom

The Uncharted Journey of Coming Home to Yourself, Part I

My favorite season is here. Favorite season for a reason. 🙂 Cherry blossoms, warm sunshine, past 7 p.m. sunsets. It all screams rebirth, rediscovery, reinvention. Coming home to yourself kind of vibe, right? I’m writing this sitting in my car, on a slow Saturday morning, steam from my hot tea making tiny shapes in the…

girl with horse

Trust the Process. What Does That Even Mean, Man?

Hey. I’m here. I’m alive. Yep. And the world is still one big dumpster fire.  Be as it may, you got to have faith that things are going to work out, AKA trust the process.    So, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last six months. Trusting the process. Or trying to.   But what…

taylor swift folklore review

Your Cute Little Guide to Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’

I’m a sucker for Taylor Swift. Her writing, specifically. But I’ve never been an avid Swiftie. That is, until her 2020 ‘folklore’ album caught me off guard. It was everything I never expected from Taylor Swift. It was everything my indie folk-soul was craving. And I knew I had to dissect every single track. Look…