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cherry blossom

The Uncharted Journey of Coming Home to Yourself, Part I

My favorite season is here. Favorite season for a reason. 🙂 Cherry blossoms, warm sunshine, past 7 p.m. sunsets. It all screams rebirth, rediscovery, reinvention. Coming home to yourself kind of vibe, right? I’m writing this sitting in my car, on a slow Saturday morning, steam from my hot tea making tiny shapes in the…

2020 reflection

How to Figure out What 2020 Has Meant for You

Let’s get one thing out of the way: 2020, you’ve been terrible and you should leave. We’re ready to say goodbye to a year of pandemic, racial injustice, bushfires, tragic passings. More so, we can’t wait to make new planes for 2021. As much as I’d like to pretend this year never happened and think…