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cherry blossom

The Uncharted Journey of Coming Home to Yourself, Part I

My favorite season is here. Favorite season for a reason. 🙂 Cherry blossoms, warm sunshine, past 7 p.m. sunsets. It all screams rebirth, rediscovery, reinvention. Coming home to yourself kind of vibe, right? I’m writing this sitting in my car, on a slow Saturday morning, steam from my hot tea making tiny shapes in the…

emotional burnout

What to Do When You’re Emotionally Burned Out?

I’ve sort of been all over the place for the past few weeks. Though it pains me to admit, sometimes I’m terrible at managing stress. And even worse at self-care while managing stress. My ego would tell you otherwise, but I’ve reached the uncomfortable point of emotional exhaustion. In fact, I was convinced that I knew myself…

practicing gratitude

Gratitude Forcing Folks, What’s Your Deal?

Be grateful things aren’t worse. If I had a penny for every time someone said that.  It seems reasonable enough to express gratitude when you’re truly grateful for something. We all do that. But then you come across #forevergrateful people. Yeah, those annoying people.   Gratitude-pushers tend to drive me up the wall. Stick around to find…